Congratulations to Gail Burrill, the 2019 Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Awardee

Gail Burrill

Gail Burrill was honored at the NCSM Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, April 3, 2019 at the final conference luncheon.

The NCSM Ross Taylor / Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award bears the name of two leaders in NCSM's history.

Glenn Gilbert is so honored because of his outstanding contribution to mathematics education, especially because he gave so generously of his time and energy. Glenn Gilbert served as a teacher, mathematics supervisor, NCSM Treasurer, and NCSM Board Member. Shirley Frye, NCSM President (1981-1983) described him as exemplifying "the respected mathematics educator who loves his/her work and students. Glenn's positive attitude supported his beliefs that students can succeed and that teaching is a reward."

Ross Taylor, described by his peers as a "Leader of Leaders" is so honored because of the seminal role he played in the founding of NCSM, the instant and positive impact he had on all who knew him, and his courageous support of equity. Dorothy Strong, fellow founding member of NCSM and NCSM Past President (1977-1979), said, "Ross always faced challenges with action." Ross Taylor constantly encouraged, collaborated, and supported those who addressed inequities in the mathematics education for underrepresented groups and placed issues of equity and equitable practices at the front of the NCSM agenda.

Each year, NCSM members take time out to nominate and honor a leader in mathematics who has made the same kind of unique and dedicated contribution to mathematics education as Glenn Gilbert and Ross Taylor.

If you are a current NCSM member, consider nominating a worthy candidate.

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