Kathleen A. Rieke, Ed.D.

Kathleen A. Rieke, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township, Indianapolis, IN


It will take many leaders to champion quality learning opportunities, so all students have access and it is my belief that each and every person who takes part can make a difference. One teacher, one classroom, one school at a time can be a slow process, but perseverance is key knowing that every time a new leader joins the mission, benefits to the number of students effected grows exponentially. NCSM has taught me much in the areas of leadership and networking, allowing me to grow professionally, beginning as a classroom teacher and now over 30 years later as an assistant superintendent. I have made it my personal mission to expose others to NCSM and to get them involved in the conferences so they, too, can find a pathway to becoming a leader in mathematics.

In 1988, I had my first opportunity to attend an NCTM annual conference with a very persuasive fellow teacher and district mathematics leaders. When I learned that the district leaders arrived a couple days before I did and began their week attending NCSM sessions, I knew I had to do what was necessary to allow me to become a part of that leadership action. I took the next step of my career in becoming a mathematics department chairperson the following fall and embraced the next twenty plus years learning, networking, mentoring, supporting, and developing mathematics leaders as a means to alleviate the barriers to teaching and learning of mathematics. I started my NCSM involvement as a conference volunteer and became the Indiana State Representative, holding that position for a number of years. In 2012, I was elected to serve as the 2nd Vice President and began work as the program chair for the 2014 New Orleans NCSM Annual Conference. This April, I am excited to be joining the board again as Historian and getting involved in the work of the various committees.

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