Jenny K. Tsankova, Ed.D

Jenny K. Tsankova, Ed.D


I believe all children can learn mathematics. More than that, I am convinced that all children can learn mathematics well and that they are capable of rigorous problem solving, creative thinking, and thoughtful mathematics discourse.

As teachers, we are blessed to give our students the gifts of learning and to create environment in the classroom where they enjoy discover and persevere when wrestling with challenging problems.

A teacher's work is never done. A teacher cares, plans thoughtfully, tries variety of strategies, reflects, and then tries again. I am thankful to all great teachers in my life who still make my work everything I dreamed of. I am also thankful for all great students who still teach me mathematics and never let me grow old.

It is an honor to be part of the NCSM board and contribute to the work of mathematics educators on a national scale.

I am an associate professor of Mathematics Education at Roger Williams University in Bristol RI, and teach the mathematics methods courses for elementary and secondary preservice teachers. I am currently modeling lessons, consulting, and providing inservice training for teachers in various school systems in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

My research interests have focused on the algebraic reasoning of elementary and middle school students, and the integration of international best practices in education in teacher pre-service and in-service training. I have co-edited a NCSM monograph, co-authored articles and a K-1 textbook The Number Crew. I am a co-founder and Past President of MassMATE (Massachusetts Mathematics Association of Teacher Educators), have served on the Board of Directors of ATMIM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts), and on the board of MACS (Mathematics and Computer Science).

In my town, I have an after-school math program (Number Street Math Academy) that serves students grades K-12. I enjoy working with children and share my everyday experiences with my college students.

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