Paul D. Gray, Jr., Ed.D.

Paul D. Gray, Jr., Ed.D.

Chief Curriculum Officer Cosenza & Associates, LLC

PO Box 190813
Dallas, Texas 75219

(713) 454-3919


I am very excited about serving on the NCSM Board of Directors as the Regional Director for the Southern 2 region. I have taught in both Texas and Oklahoma and have led mathematics instructional programs at the district, regional, and state level. Serving in leadership roles in several professional organizations in Texas has taught me how valuable organizations like NCSM and our state affiliates are for mathematics education leaders who are serving our teachers and students in the trenches every day. I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues across the Southern 2 region to both share what we have learned from our experiences and learn from our colleagues around the region and the nation.

As a beginning teacher, my colleagues in Oklahoma taught me how important it is to join and belong to our professional organizations. As a classroom teacher in graduate school, I learned about the importance of joining NCTM. When I became a mathematics specialist at the regional level, a trusted colleague encouraged me to join NCSM, and I am glad that I took her advice. NCSM provides resources for mathematics supervisors that are not provided by any other organization. Workshops provide the opportunity to network with colleagues and generate solutions to common problems. Print and digital resources provide exemplar activities that we can use with our teachers. Publications such as the NCSM Journal or the It's TIME framework provide structures through which we can develop and sustain instructional programs in our own district or organization.

Being a member of NCSM makes me feel like I belong to an important organization that is making a difference in the lives of mathematics education leaders, teachers, and students. Together, we can not only learn from each other, but also speak with a unified voice about what we know to be true about successful mathematics education programs. Our nation's founding fathers coined the phrase e pluribus unum to represent the different colonies coming together to form one nation. NCSM provides the opportunity for mathematics education leaders from across the country, who are developing, implementing, and leading so many individual mathematics instructional programs, to come together and become one group of professional who support one another and work together to make sure all of our teachers and students have equitable access to meaningful, high-quality mathematics.

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