Maria Everett

Maria Everett

Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics

Baltimore County Public Schools
Office of Mathematics PreK-12
105 W. Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

(443) 809-4052

(443) 604-3604



Principals are judged on the success of their school and teachers on the success of their students - so as math leaders, we are judged on our supports for teachers - the curriculum, the assessments, and the professional development. Knowing that, I encourage Inspirational Teaching - promoting positive self-beliefs and addressing negative attitudes towards mathematics. Why should it be acceptable not to like mathematics and to be able to joke about it? We need to change the mindset of those who share this belief. Research has shown that when teachers develop positive teacher-student relationships along with engaging positive experiences in the classroom, there is an increase in academic motivation, engagement, and achievement. As I work with the math leaders in my district, I conclude each professional learning by challenging them to 1.) Promote a Positive Mindset and to 2.) Spark the Passion - Share the Love of Mathematics. To each of you, I challenge the same!

In 2002 it was recommended that I attend the "mini"-conference that preceded the NCTM conference. Not really sure what it was all about, I did so. That was my first introduction to the NCSM Annual Conference - in Las Vegas! I have been attending the NCSM Annual Conferences ever since. And now I pass that recommendation on to others. As an organization for leaders in mathematics education, NCSM includes so many of us - teacher leaders, coaches, mentors, curriculum and content specialists, building leaders, and so many more. The opportunity to learn from experts in our field, to collaborate and network with colleagues, and to engage in various learning activities is invaluable. As an attendee I have always been excited about learning, sharing, collaborating, connecting, and being validated. And now I enthusiastically look forward to serving the NCSM community as the 2nd Vice Principal of the NCSM Board.

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March 30 - April 1, 2020
52nd NCSM Annual Conference
Chicago, IL

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