News form the Southern 1 Annual Conference Caucus
Susan Birnie, Southern 1 Regional Director
Spring 2010

During our Southern 1 Regional Caucus Meeting at NCSM national conference, we had an engaging and reflective conversation about our experience during the first two days the spring 2010 NCSM Annual Conference. We all acknowledged that the wealth of information offered during this time was extensive. During our discussion, it was clear that one of our challenges was how to deal with the newly shared information so that, as math leaders, we will be able to share the latest thinking in math education with our contacts in our states, school divisions, or schools. Some of the questions that we considered were:

  • What conference session stands out for you and why?
    • The "why" is essential. What information will you be highlighting with your colleagues and why? In our ongoing journey to make mathematics make sense to students and to support all students in gaining a deep understanding of mathematics, we need to be making clear and explicit plans for our next steps.
  • How do you organize your notes from the Conference in order to be able to share the best from the Conference sessions?
    • One of our math leaders shared that she keeps a notebook completely dedicated to information that she gains during math conferences. She keeps detailed notes of the sessions, draws sketches to make connections between concepts and skills and she has an ongoing list of websites. What a wonderful idea!
  • A scenario: After you return from the Conference, you enter an elevator at the same time as your school district superintendent (or some supervisor). You have about three minutes to capture the really important "take-aways" from the Conference. What will you decide to share?

Some recommendations for NCSM from our region Caucus participants were to have:

  • Powerpoints from the NCSM conference speakers available as soon as possible on our website. (Note: speakers are invited to post their handouts and powerpoints on the NCSM website. All that we have received thus far can be found at: XX)
  • Webinars throughout the school year to support the PRIME Leadership Framework.
  • PRIME powerpoints available on the NCSM Website to support the region's professional development. These should be in a non-PDF format so that math leaders can adjust content to their region.

Thanks to everyone for a lively and meaningful discussion!

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