News for Western 1 Region
Richard Seitz, Western 1 Regional Director
Spring 2010

Upcoming Western Regional Events

Our Western 1 Region will be close to the action for two important mathematics education leadership events in 2010. This spring, both the NCSM Annual Conference, 19-21 April 2010, and the NCTM Annual Conference, 21-23 April 2010, will be held in San Diego, California. Next fall, the excitement continues with a special NCSM Leadership Seminar on October 6th in Denver. Just prior to the NCTM Regional Conference in Denver Colorado, 7-8 October 2010, this pre-conference seminar is a wonderful opportunity to learn how the NCSM Prime Leadership Framework can be put into action for your state or district.

Technology for Leaders-Online Collaboration

Are you looking for a quick way to work together on an online document? You can easily set up a shared workspace where you download or create online documents, spreadsheets, or presentations that can be shared and edited by a team of people in real-time. Do you want to have an online workspace where you can work on your current project from any computer anywhere? You currently have lots of options. Here are two to consider.

Office Live Workspace

This online workspace for users of Microsoft Office is Microsoft's beta version of an online Office. You can access, save, edit, share, and collaborate with others who use Microsoft Office. To set up an initial workspace, just go to set up an account (currently free) and follow the easy online videos on how to set up files, start documents, and share them with others.

Google Docs

Create and share online documents with Google Docs. Just go to You will find a quick demo showing you what you can do with online collaboration. You can use your Hotmail, G-mail, or Yahoo account sign-ins to join this program. One interesting feature of this web-based tool is the ability to translate documents into 30 different languages! I haven't tried the translation feature yet but would love to convert some lessons into Chinese and see how they play in Shanghai.

Richard Seitz
Math must be used to make the world

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