News from Central 2 Region
Connie Schrock, C2 Regional Director
Summer 2010

School is ending and it is time to wind down and renew our spirts so that the cycle can begin again. Few jobs have as pronounced a yearly cycle as teaching. We come back to changes but many parts will remain the same. Maybe that is why change is so difficult for many teachers. We are comfortable in the routine. I know I find comfort with many things that do not change and frustration with some changes. Coming back to my same office day after day for almost 20 years has been a comfort. Yet, I am moving to a new office. It was my choice, but I still struggle with the change. There are always positives and negatives that come with each change. The key, I think, is to focus on the benefits. It is time to purge and reorganize material. I doubt if I will ever give a presentation again that uses transpancies and yet the 20 or more notebooks with the overheads are hard for me to throw away. I wouldn't say I horde things, but I know if I get rid of it, I will really need it later.

We get new staff, new students, and new classrooms. Some changes are welcome and some we openly reject. As you face your changes, I hope the benefits outway your concerns and that you can focus on the positive.

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