News for Western 1 Region
Richard Seitz, Western 1 Regional Director
Summer 2010

Common Core Standards

The National Governors Association has been preparing to release the common core standards. If you haven't read the latest release go to Other federal efforts that are being coordinated with this effort include two major federal initiatives, the "Race to the Top" and the Teacher Incentive Fund.

Mathematics leaders nationwide are working with this program and NCLB to push a new growth model for student achievement, and to create structures and support for innovation and improvements in teaching and learning. Financial support for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) continues to be an essential component of their efforts.

Upcoming Western Regional Events

Next fall, attend a special NCSM Leadership Seminar on October 6th in Denver. Just prior to the NCTM Regional Conference in Denver Colorado, 7-8 October 2010, this pre-conference seminar is a wonderful opportunity to learn how the NCSM Prime Leadership Framework can be put into action for your state or district. Also, look for an NCSM hosted regional event/meeting at the NCTM Denver conference!

Technology for Leaders-Mathematics Answers with Solutions

Are you looking for a quick way to find the derivative of f(x) = sin(x) * x? Perhaps you want to gather population statistics in your city or mine (Helena, Montana). If you haven't investigated WolframAlpha, take the time to look at this website. It allows anyone (read that as, "all the students in our schools") to solve some pretty amazing problems that are standard in any textbook. This program could revolutionize how we assign homework in schools.

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