News About Pennsylvania
Diana Kendrick, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Fall 2010

The Pennsylvania Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (PCSM) and the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PCTM) have been working hard to keep mathematics in the forefront for teachers, educators at the State Department, and our state legislators. During the summer, PCSM Past-President Jane Wilburne was part of a Pennsylvania team that attended a national conference on mathematics specialists and state certification for the specialist position. This conference provided a forum for teams considering establishing the position of mathematics specialist. Jane Wilburne and PCTM President Pauline Chow met with State Senator Piccola and his team to discuss the need for mathematics specialists, focusing on research that shows mathematics specialists have a significant impact on student achievement and noting the future need for legislative support.

Through PCSM's Government Relations person, Jim Bohan, PCSM and PCTM are kept up to date on how Pennsylvania is responding to the Core Curriculum State Standards (CCSS) and how the CCSS will affect the Pennsylvania Standards and Assessments, including the high school keystone exams.

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