News for Western 1 Region
Richard Seitz, Western 1 Regional Director
Fall 2010

What is Our Position?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) continue to march along. NCSM has a position statement on the CCSS, a position statement on Elementary Math Specialists (coaches), and on other key issues in mathematics education. Log on to our NCSM Position Papers page to read more!

Pathways for Common Core State Standards!

NCSM, NCTM, and others are working to align the Common Core State Standards with regular and honors courses, with traditional and integrated programs, and with 7th and 8th grade advanced mathematics classes.

Upcoming Western Regional Events

The excitement continues with a special NCSM Regional Seminar on October 6th in Denver. Just prior to the NCTM Regional Conference in Denver Colorado, 7-8 October 2010, this pre-conference seminar will present the latest news on the Common Core State Standards and have tips for coaches and leaders on implementing lessons based on the CCSS.

Technology for Leaders-Great Screen Shots and Pictures off the Web!

Are you looking for a quick way to include part of your computer screen in a presentation or a document? Greenshot Image Editor is a free way to turn your print screen key into a powerful picture tool! It is Open Source and runs on all versions of Windows. You press Print Screen key on your keyboard, click, and drag over the area you want, then annotate with shapes and words, and send it to the clipboard or printer.

Google Docs

Create and share online documents with Google Docs. Just go to You will find a quick demo showing you what you can do with online collaboration. You can use your Hotmail, G-mail, or Yahoo account sign-ins to join this program. One interesting feature of this web-based tool is the ability to translate documents into 30 different languages! I haven't tried the translation feature yet but would love to convert some lessons into Chinese and see how they play in Shanghai.

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