News from Eastern 1 Region
Mari Muri, Eastern 1 Regional Director
Winter 2010/2011

I had the opportunity to attend the ATMNE Annual Conference in Nashua NH early in November. I received permission to set up an NCSM Booth within the exhibitors' area. NCSM opened the conferences with an early morning breakfast sponsored by Scholastic for NCSM members and other invited guests. It was a great time for reconnecting with NCSM colleagues from around New England.

I found the conference very rewarding in catching up with so many of my New England math friends whom I too seldom get to see. It was especially nice to visit with so many student teachers in attendance from Keene State and Plymouth State Universities. They are an eager group and seem well prepared to teach math at the middle and high school level.

The conference was very well attended and everyone seemed pleased with the program. During the times that sessions were going on, very few attendees wandered among the exhibitors' booths. That is a tribute to the quality of the speakers!

I was able to attend the Balomenos Lecture at the end of the first day, November 8. Karen Graham was the recipient of this honor. She gave a wonderful talk on the changing quantitative nature of our profession. Many of the former Balomenos Award recipients were also present.

On the second day, November 9, Ferd Prevost was incredibly overwhelmed as he was named the Awardee of the Father Stanley Besuzka Award. It was clearly evident that he was totally unaware of this surprise that was bestowed on him. Ferd is deserving of this award after giving more than 50 years to our math profession!

Our fantastic math leader and former Eastern 1 Regional Director, Laurie Boswell, traveled to New York to speak at the 60th Annual AMTNYS Conference. Thanks for representing NCSM, Laurie!

Because winter is now setting in to our area, no major conferences are planned for the next few months. I do hope you will join NCSM in Indianapolis in April.

Good news for those of you who are long-time members of NCSM, but are now retired. Look for our NEWLY established Emeritus Membership which you will easily afford whenever you renew and or join.

Be sure to let me know of any events that will be happening in your state for our next Eastern 1 Regional update.

Mari Muri, E1 Regional Director

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