Director Report - Spring Message
Jim Bohan, NCSM Eastern 2 Regional Director
Spring 2011

Welcome to Spring! The Annual Conference is completed and now we look to the summer for a time of rejuvenation and rededication to the advancement of all students in mathematics and mathematical endeavors.

My name is Jim Bohan and I am the new NCSM Eastern 2 Regional Director. I am delighted to have been selected by members of the Eastern 2 Region to facilitate their growth in leadership and collaboration with the national organization of mathematics education leaders that is NCSM.

I was unable to attend the National Conference this April in Indianapolis due to back surgery I underwent in January. My recovery is progressing as expected and it is most likely that I will return to full mobility and functionality shortly. Because of my health issues, this Spring Report will be devoted to introducing myself to all of the constituents of Eastern 2 Region and will have the purpose of sharing my dedication to facilitate the professional growth in leadership for all of you over the years of my term.

Thank you for your confidence in me. We face the challenges and opportunities of Race to the Top, Common Core State Standards, national assessments, and huge budget issues along with all of the mathematics education leaders across the country. It is my intention to help NCSM address your needs to meet these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities.

Please always feel free to contact me at your convenience at

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