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Affiliate Report
Spring 2011

NCTM Affiliates Meeting Report: During the session, NCTM shared the following five major initiatives: Reasoning and Sense Making; Common Core State Standards; Linking Research and Practice; Transition from High School to Post-Secondary Settings; and Advocacy and Outreach. Many of these initiatives involved partnerships with several mathematics and mathematics education organizations. Additional information about each initiative is posted on the NCTM web site. There was one resolution (O.NR.11.01) presented and passed that related to the scheduling of NCTM Regional conferences so that they do not conflict with local major regional state mathematics conferences. More to come as this issue goes back to the NCTM Board for further discussion.

Thank you to NCTM Booth Volunteers. Just back from Indy and I bring greetings to all and congratulate you on a race well run. You all deserve a checkered flag. As I raced from the NCSM Annual Conference, "On Track for Student Success: Mathematics Leaders Making a Difference", to the NCTM Annual Conference, "Geometry: Constructing and Transforming Perspectives" I found that there were many NCSM members racing beside me every step of the way. I would like to extend a special thank you to the many volunteers who gave of their time Thursday-Saturday and worked the NCSM booth during the NCTM conference:

Alfreda Jerrigan • Barbara Post • Cynthia Hillman-Forbush • Denise Mc Dowell • Diana Kendrick • Donna Karsten • Emily Dixon • Jerry Cummins • Judy Curran Buck • Kay Gilliland • Lynn Columba • Mary Buck • Nita Walker • Rachel Cofer • Ramona J. Wright • Sheila Montgomery • Sherry Lane • Shirley Smith • Steve Viktora • Su Chuang • Suzanne Mitchell • Terri Belcher • Tim Kanold • Tina Hamilton.

As I think back to the conference, it reminds me of watching an Indy 500 pit crew in action. Everyone had a role and was focused on sharing the mission and vision of NCSM. To the math educators who visited the booth and to join, renew, or gather membership information so that you could join soon, I welcome you to NCSM. I leave you with these parting words: "Ladies and gentlemen start your engines" as we head to Philadelphia. Remember it is never too soon to volunteer. Email John at to have your name added to the email distribution list of volunteers to work the NCSM booth during the NCTM conference.

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