News from Western Region 1
Richard Seitz, Western 1 Regional Director
Spring 2011

I hope you attended the national NCSM conference in Indy in April! There are lots of resources to review the action. First, find many of the speaker handouts. This is a fun way to get some idea of the issues that were discussed at the Conference. Another online resource is the NCSM conference blog. Look for podcasts of the major presentations throughout the year.

There is a companion set of resources on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). You can watch the 2011 webcasts of the major sessions on the web at or more specifically at I really enjoyed the webcast on "The Common Core: Were Do We Go from Here?" by William McCallum & Zalman Usiskin. Watch them all!

The conference also allowed us to connect with people from the Western Region. Some of the issues we discussed were: problems and challenges with Response To Intervention (RTI) for mathematics educators, the Common Core State Standards and implementation issues, funding and de-funding of education, and the need for more innovation in new mathematics curricula.

Plan now for next fall, NCSM and NCTM are coming to Albuquerque New Mexico! I hope to see you all there.

One final note-Wyoming has a great e-newsletter that is sent to its members. For a copy, send a request to!

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