News from the Southern 1 Region
Susan Birnie, Southern 1 Regional Director
Fall 2011

As we approach a new school year, we have much to celebrate. We are in an exciting time in mathematics education. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for math have been adopted by all states except Alaska, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. The website where you can find complete information is: To think that we have most states committed to the same high-quality math standards is heartening! Instead of having fifty different state standards, we now can move ahead in a united manner working to insure that our students learn mathematics with a deep understanding of the content.

Our next steps involve being prepared for the implementation of the CCSS. NCSM is actively working with NCTM, ASSM, and AMTE to create implementation support materials as our states look toward actual implementation of the Common Core Standards. Keep checking the NCSM website for latest updates. There are several projects of particular interest:

  • The CCSS Curriculum Analysis Tools and Professional Development Materials. This project led by Bill Bush, University of Louisville, and initiated at the request of Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is developing tools for assessing the potential of curriculum materials to support students' attainment of the CCSS, including the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The tools and supporting professional development materials will be disseminated by CCSSO and NCSM.
  • The Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP) developed by the Shell Center/MARS, University of Nottingham and University of California, Berkeley through funding from the Gates Foundation, is producing well-engineered formative and summative assessment tools to support U.S. schools in implementing the CCSS. These tools are designed to make knowledge and reasoning visible, and help teachers to guide students in how to improve, and monitor their progress.
  • NCSM Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice: These ready-to-use professional development materials are designed to help teachers understand the Standards for Mathematical Practice and implement them in their classrooms. The Noyce Foundation's Inside Mathematics website [] provides the core resources for these materials. Each module supports a 1.5- to 3-hour session that focuses on one or two of the mathematical practices and is:
    • Anchored by a high demand mathematics task
    • Situated in classroom practice, with classroom video and/or samples of student work
    • Presented in PowerPoint format with slide annotations on the Notes pages to support facilitation
    • Designed to be used individually or in combination with other modules.

For more information, there is a whole set of resource pages that can be found by clicking the "CCSS" link in the purple navigation bar on our website.

Be sure to check the list of regional and national conferences listed at the end of this message. Please contact me at any time at to share any information that needs to be posted.

Have a great start to your new school year! Hope to see you in Philadelphia on April 23-25, 2012 for our NCSM national conference!

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