News from the International Region
Suzanne Mitchell, International Regional Director
Winter 2011

Welcome to a new year in the world of mathematics. As a mathematics leader your charge in 2012 is to empower teachers and students for effective citizenry and employment in the 21st century using the Common Core State Standards in mathematics to build mathematical muscle and using effective leadership skills to guide your important work. We must work together on challenges of

  • Scale (focusing human, fiscal and instructional resources on mathematics)
  • Innovation (creating a climate for exploration, project-based learning and enrichment in mathematics)
  • Replication (giving all teachers access to best educational practices)
  • Evaluation and Assessment (assuring that what we do works) and
  • Collaboration (more teaching, less competing)

Be sure to renew your NCSM membership and join me at the NCSM annual meeting in Philadelphia, April 23-25, 2012. We are looking for volunteers to help NCSM on many committees and at the annual meeting. Please email if you have an interest in donating your time to support NCSM. Suzanne Mitchell, President ()

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