News from Central 2 Region
Laura Godfrey, Central 2 Regional Director
Spring 2012

Spring is here, and great things are happening! NCSM has two exciting initiatives to support teacher-leaders in their work.

Great Tasks

This project is a collection of tasks to support implementation of the CCSS. Many of these tasks are drawn from existing sources. Each task includes:

  • Teacher Notes that provide an overview of the task, the Common Core State Standards Content and Practices standards that the task requires
  • Activity Launch that addresses key prerequisite understandings and assesses student readiness for the task
  • Core Task with which students are expected, individually and collaboratively, to wrestle
  • Extension Activities

NCSM Illustrating the Mathematical Practices

These ready-to-use professional development materials are designed to help teachers understand the Standards for Mathematical Practice and implement them in their classrooms. The Noyce Foundation's Inside Mathematics website [] provides the core resources for these materials. Each module supports a 1.5- to 3-hour session that focuses on one or two of the mathematical practices and is:

  • Anchored by a high demand mathematics task
  • Situated in classroom practice, with classroom video and/or samples of student work
  • Presented in PowerPoint format with slide annotations on the Notes pages to support facilitation
  • Designed to be used individually or in combination with other modules.

Both of these initiatives will be highlighted during the NCSM Annual Conference in Philadelphia on April 23 - 25. The resources are made available to you through the NCSM web-site (consider making NCSM your homepage to keep up with the latest and greatest resources for math leaders). Then from the top menu bar, click CCSS then Resources.

NCSM is a volunteer organization. NCSM needs you! We rely on volunteers to write articles, review the journal, man the booth at conferences, serve on committees, help develop idea and mold mathematics education. If you would like to be more involved, volunteer! If you are willing, but are not sure what would be fun, I will help you find a good match! Just send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

"All young Americans must learn to think mathematically, and they must think mathematically to learn."

- American Research Council

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