News from the Eastern 1 Region
Mari Muri, Region 1 Regional Director
Spring 2012

NCSM has been extremely busy these past months finalizing efforts for the Annual Conference coming up April 23 through 25, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. There is a fabulous slate of speakers, breakfasts, luncheons, bookstore, etc to engage every math leader in attendance.

Plans are also underway for the summer Leadership Conferences. Be sure to check the calendar below this message for exact locations and dates. These conferences have been extremely helpful to math leaders as we infuse the CCSS into our state and local curriculum. These conferences are also fabulous opportunities to connect and bond with other math leaders either in your area or via technology to share ideas and bounce questions off each other.

Three one day seminars are also in the planning stage to precede the NCTM Regional Conference. One of the sites is HARTFORD, CT. The NCSM Seminar will focus on assessment and will be held on Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012. The NCTM Conference will be held from Oct 25-27. Hope to see many of you at these events in our own backyard.

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