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Affiliate Report
Spring 2012

NCTM Affiliates Meeting 2011: During the session NCTM shared the following five major initiatives: Reasoning and Sense Making; Common Core State Standards; Linking Research and Practice; Transition from High School to Post-Secondary Settings; and Advocacy and Outreach. Many of these initiatives involved partnerships with several mathematics and mathematics education organizations. Additional information about each initiative is posted on the NCTM web site.

NCTM Booth 2011: I would like to extend a special thank you to the 24 volunteers who gave of their time Thursday-Saturday and worked the NCSM booth during the NCTM conference.

  • Contacts = 45
  • Memberships = 27 paid, 5 winners
  • PRIME Leadership Framework = 4 winners, 1 sold

Affiliate Services Committee (ASC) Representative, Anne Collins, began her three-year term on the committee in May 2010.

NCTM Summer Institutes 2011

NCTM offered two summer institutes: Infusing the Classroom with Reasoning and Sense Making, Orlando, Florida, July 28-30, 2011 and Algebra Readiness for Every Student, Grades 3-8, Baltimore, Maryland August 9-11, 2011. The three day institutes were attended by mathematics educators from around the country. Both institutes provided opportunities for attendees to investigate the Common Cores Standards for Mathematics.

NCTM Affiliate Leadership Circle 2012: NCSM qualifies as a member of the NCTM Affiliate Leadership Circle, 2012-2015 Leadership Circle PLATINUM Level Member. A comparison of the 1,876 names on your Affiliate's membership list with NCTM's membership database found 1,347 NCTM members, or 72%. NCTM President J. Michael Shaughnessy will present our Affiliate banner and a three-year certificate of membership in the NCTM Affiliate Leadership Circle at the 2012 Delegate Assembly in Philadelphia, PA.

NCTM Consignment Bookstore at the NCSM Annual Meeting 2012

There will be an NCTM consignment bookstore at the NCSM annual meeting during registration hours Sunday - Tuesday. Volunteers needed.

Coming this summer 2012, High School Institute on Reasoning and Sense Making

Experience professional development over the whole school year by participating in NCTM's Institute dedicated to Reasoning and Sense Making for grades 9-12. The institute will be held in Los Angeles, California, July 24-26, 2012.

3-8 Institute on Algebra Readiness

Experience professional development over the whole school year by participating in NCTM's Institute dedicated to algebra readiness for grades 3-8. The institute will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, July 31-August 2, 2012.

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