News from the Southern 1 Region
Susan Birnie, Southern 1 Regional Director
Spring 2012

As the NCSM annual conference approaches, we are looking forward to workshops and sessions but also to the roll out of our new Coaches Corner resource on our website:

What is the Coaching Corner?

The purpose of the Coaching Corner is to offer a "go-to" resource place for mathematics instructional coaches, math specialists and instructional leaders. As our mission statement articulates, NCSM is a mathematics leadership organization for education leaders that provides professional learning opportunities necessary to support and sustain improved student achievement. In accordance with our mission, we offer this resource on our website to bolster individual growth through independent study.

What is the Structure of the Coaching Corner?

The resources in the Coaching Corner include books, articles, and tools to support coaches and leaders of coaching programs as they progress through the stages of leadership growth outlined in the NCSM PRIME Leadership Framework (PRIME). The Coaching Corner points to key aspects of PRIME that specifically apply to coaches and coaching programs and provides resource materials to assist a coach or leader in gaining such knowledge. The vision of the NCSM Coaching Corner is that it will grow over time to offer an expansive list of resources.

After the initial launch of the Coaching Corner, recommendations will be accepted for adding further resources.

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