News from the Western 2 Region
Hope Bjerke, Western 2 Regional Director
Spring 2012

Congratulations to Krista McAtee from Santa Rosa, California, for winning the Iris Carl Grant to attend the 2012 NCSM National Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 23 - 25. Krista is a new member to NCSM and this will be her first time at the National Conference. She is an active member of the California Mathematics Council, Northern Section, and we look forward to having her become active in NCSM as well. If you have not registered for the Annual Conference, there is still time but you need to get to it! This is going to be a fabulous conference and I look forward to seeing you there. Our Region - Western 2 - will have a Caucus Meeting on Tuesday afternoon and I hope all you conference attendees will attend.

Speaking of conferences and grants available to support your attendance, Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics has the Schaaf-McFadden Scholarship for up to $750 to pay for tuition for college courses in mathematics education. There is also the Don Fineran Scholarship to attend the Oregon Math Leaders Conference August 5 - 7 in McMinneville, Oregon. Both scholarship applications are due by April 15, 2012, and should be submitted to Francie Bostwick (an NCSM member) at 8 Richmond Avenue, Medford, OR 97504. You can contact her at

The Northern Section of California Mathematics Council is offering a scholarship for members to attend our NCSM Leadership Academy this summer in Santa Rosa, California, July 31 - August 2. That scholarship will pay $450 toward registration, housing or travel and can be found on the CMC website at If you are looking for an opportunity to learn about implementing the Common Core Mathematics Standards and want to work with nationally known trainers for three days to learn about how others have been successful in their areas, you should sign up to attend by going to Leadership Academy. The registration form can be found in the Leadership Academy link. This is the first time NCSM has held the Academy in our area and we don't want to pass up this opportunity. Besides, it's Napa Valley, for crying out loud!

Other events being held in our region are listed in the calendar section of this page. Be sure to check for things happening in your area. Have a great rest of your school year and enjoy the beauty of spring in the west. Contact me if I can help you with questions.

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