News from the Central 1 Region
Steve Viktora, Central 1 Regional Director
Summer 2012

Five years ago I wrote my first report as the C1 Regional Director (RD), and I left the Board at the end of my term in 2010. It is my pleasure again to be the C1 RD to complete the last year of the term of Valerie Mills who was recently voted to be the President-Elect of NCSM. On behalf of all the members of our region, I wish to congratulate her and wish her well on her new role in the organization. In addition, I want to thank her for her hard work on behalf of NCSM as our RD the last two years.

Returning to the Board after an absence of two years has provided me an interesting perspective. When I left the Board two years ago, we were very concerned about the benefits provided to NCSM members, including the perception that our annual conference was considered the main benefit of membership. However, in order to be a vibrant and vital group, we need to provide other benefits besides an exceptional conference. The NCSM Annual Conference receives high marks from attendees, but there seemed to be a feeling that NCSM did not provide much else during the year. It is true that NCSM members had received books and monographs in the past. And, of course, members had received quarterly newsletters and biannual Journals for years. Several NCSM Leadership Academies and Leadership Seminars were being held each year. Moreover, members were beginning to receive other benefits; NCSM produced the NCSM PRIME Leadership Framework and a series of position papers. The Board created a new structure of state leaders to work with the RDs to provide better service and more direct contact to members.

In the past two years the Board has continued to increase the benefits of membership with an impressive number of new initiatives. There have been more topics identified for position papers to be written and published. All members receive a subscription to the Marshall memo. The website features an exciting new feature, the NCSM Coaching Corner, which provides support to those involved in coaching programs. The website also now provides access to a number of important, new resources and links related to the Common Core State Standards in School Mathematics (CCSSSM):

  • Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice, an introduction to the Practice Standards and sample tasks from national assessment projects,
  • A link to the Math Common Core Coalition (of which NCSM is a member) homepage,
  • CCSS Analysis Tools and PD materials to assess the potential of curricular resources to support student attainment of CCSSSM,
  • Materials from the Mathematics Assessment Project,
  • NCSM Great Tasks, a collection of tasks to support implementation of the CCSSSM, and
  • NCSM Illustrating Mathematical Practices, ready to use PD materials designed to help teachers understand and implement the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

The Board is considering the development of other benefits for NCSM members. What we need to remember is that the organization does not have a large paid staff such as that of NCTM; all of the work being done for members is being done by volunteers. There are many opportunities to become involved, and I encourage you to consider volunteering to help. This fall there will be an NCTM Regional Conference in our region in November; this is an example of a situation where we will need volunteers to maintain an NCSM presence at this meeting and our Leadership Seminar. If you are interested, please contact one of our state representatives or me.

Have a restful and enjoyable summer.

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