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Laura Godfrey, Central 2 Regional Director
Summer 2012

The Eight Mathematical Practices are for Everyone!

No one can predict the future. We do not know how public education will look in ten years. We can't even imagine some of the careers for which we are preparing students. How do we prepare students for such an unknown future? The answer is through the eight mathematical practices.

Mathematics has been redefined through a 21st Century lens. Math is the second fastest growing field, second only to biology. And while fractions will always be fractions, there are changes in K-12 math education. The primary change is finding a balance between teaching for conceptual understanding and connection creation with knowing procedures and having fluency. Neither can be taught at the expense of the other.

21st century mathematics education will use content to teach the practices, and will evaluate the practices using content. The eight mathematical practices ARE standards for which all students be held accountable. The practices are the enduring knowledge and skills that will make people strong in math.

Understanding what each of the eight practices encompasses is done by reading the summary paragraphs beneath each practice standard in the CCSS. These practices are the very same for students K-12, whether a state has adopted the Common Core or not. They are the math. Here is a link to the Standards for Mathematical Practices with the summary paragraphs. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

Mathematical practices bring a new definition of what it means to be good at math. The concept has changes, and we need to change with it.

At NCSM, we want to provide you the resources and tools to teach yourself about next best practices and knowledge around math education as well as the materials you can use to help others learn the same. We want to support math leaders, coaches, and math specialists. Please feel free to let us know what you need. We want to best serve you!!

Laura Godfrey

The CCSS resources are made available to you through the NCSM web-site (consider making NCSM your homepage to keep up with the latest and greatest resources for math leaders).

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