News from the Canada Region
Carol Matsumoto, Canada Regional Director
Summer 2012

As the new Canadian NCSM director I have been contacting the provincial leaders about what has been happening and will happen in the next few months. Here is the information that I received.

Alberta Report

submitted by Debbie Duvall, Canada Region Team Leader - Alberta

We are heading into the last year of implementation for the new Mathematics curriculum with grade 12 courses getting on board in September. The focus of the work in many districts is creating learning opportunities to foster students' reasoning and sense making. To this end, the Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teacher's Association held a Spring Symposium with Mike Shaughnessy, past-president of NCTM, giving a day long session on Developing Reasoning and Sense Making. Mike shared many useful resources that can help teachers probe student thinking and therefore help them make sense of the mathematics they are learning.

The Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia has provided a moodle site for resources to support the implementation of the new high school curriculum. Teachers have been identified to provide videos of good practice in action. These videos, as well as an array of support materials for teachers, can be found on the site. This work will continue next year for the grade 12 courses.

As we change the way we teach mathematics, we must also change the way we assess mathematics. The Alberta Assessment Consortia has received a grant to develop rich assessment tasks with accompanying marking rubrics that can be used by teachers to assess the outcomes of the new curriculum. These tasks are intended to provide teachers with models of good assessment tasks as a means of changing the way we assess student understanding of mathematical concepts.

Alberta Education has released an updated entrance requirement list for careers from both Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training and post-secondary institutions. The acceptance of Math 30-2 and Math 30-3 courses for entrance into a variety of careers is encouraging for students who do not wish to study pre-calculus mathematics.

Manitoba Report

Many school divisions in Manitoba have focused their math professional development on enhancing instruction and increasing their confidence and ability to teach mathematics. By assessing what a child understands, teachers are targeting appropriate developmental learning experiences that advance student learning. Throughout Manitoba, many school divisions are exploring guided math, lesson study and participating in professional learning communities to build and deepen their knowledge and be reflective teachers of mathematics.

Although summer seems to be a quiet time the fall is going to be a busy time in many of the provinces.

British Columbia Report

submitted by Marc Garneau, Canada Region Team Leader - British Columbia

The BCAMT is pleased to announce the Northwest Mathematics Conference - "Math in Bloom", taking place in beautiful Victoria, BC, Oct. 18-20, 2012. The keynote speakers are Catherine Fosnot, Dan Meyer, and Patrick Vennebush! We are confident that our diverse selection of exhibits, sessions and workshops will allow everyone to find a topic of interest. The program features numerous international speakers presenting topics from K to College. For more information, go to

Ontario Report
  1. Gap Closing Junior/Intermediate and Gap Closing Intermediate/Senior:
    Gap Closing materials provide teachers with manageable and precise tools to assist with students whose learning gaps are interfering with new math learning.
  2. Paying Attention to Mathematics Education - Seven Foundational Principles for Improvement in Mathematics K-12:
    This publication shares seven foundational principles from the work to date of the Mathematics Working Group. These principles will serve as a guide for planning and implementing improvements in mathematics teaching and learning in our province.
  3. Math GAINS website:
    All of the Ministry of Education mathematics resources and professional development supports can be found and downloaded from the Math GAINS website:
  4. Ontario Math Coordinators Association:
    Our association holds monthly meetings at various school boards in Ontario. We also provide Adobe Connect, so that members can connect online to our meetings. Last year, we had three guest speakers: Dan Jarvis (Nipissing University), Cathy Marks Krpan (OISE-UT) and Marian Small. We also held a two day retreat in February featuring Lucy West.
Other fall conferences

Alberta - MCATA Fall Conference Math is Not A Spectator Sport - Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper October 12-13, 2012

Manitoba - S.A.G.E. Let's Focus on Math - Grant Memorial Baptist Church and Linden Christian School, Winnipeg October 19, 2012 for information

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