NCTM Representative News
Affiliate Report
Summer 2012

NCTM Delegate Assembly 2012

NCTM President J. Michael Shaughnessy presented
Major initiatives

  • Reasoning and Sense Making: Technology just released
  • Digital library of Mathematical Practices prototype developed, two more clusters will be developed next year, projected launch 2014
  • Math Common Core Coalition site launched early April 2012
  • Linking research and practice: Research awards and emphasis and research briefs and clips
  • Advocacy and outreach-Position statements in legislative platform

Other Items

  • Report on resolution passed 2011 related to locations for conferences conflicting with state conferences: annual sites are selected 10 years out and regional sites 5 years
  • NCTM affiliate leadership circle and new affiliates recognized
  • No resolutions proposed
  • Leaders conference, August 3-5 in Atlanta, GA

NCTM Affiliate Leadership Circle 2012

  • NCSM joins NCTM Affiliate Leadership Circle, 2012-2015 Leadership Circle PLATINUM Level Member.
  • NCTM President J. Michael Shaughnessy presented our Affiliate banner and a three-year certificate of membership in the NCTM Affiliate Leadership Circle.

NCTM Consignment Bookstore 2012

  • Books sold = Seventy two books sold
    • $80.04 net profit = Income from sales $1370.17 - $1290.13 amount paid to NCTM for books sold
    • $1898.54 additional costs = ($112-printing the flyers; $56.74 - sign; $1729.80 for draping; ?? credit card processing)
  • Thank you bookstore volunteers
    Adriana Pfaff
    Angela Barlow
    Beverly Kimes
    Carol Matsumoto
    Cathy Martin
    Debbi Zahn
    Denise Wilson
    Donna Karsten
    Kay Gilliand
    Mona Toncheff
    Noemi Lopez
    Randy Pippen
    Ruth Miles
    Wanda Audrict
    Lynn Colomba
    Shawn Towle
    Aimee Evans

NCTM Booth 2012

  • Contacts = many
  • Memberships = 33 (24 brand new members, 6 renewed members that had lapsed, 3 renewals)
  • Thank you booth volunteers
    Donna Karsten
    Lynn Columba
    Ruth Miles
    Kathleen Rleke
    Steve Viktora
    Kay Gilliland
    Suzanne Mitchell

NCTM Summer Institutes 2012

  • High School Institute on Reasoning and Sense Making: Grades 9-12. Los Angeles, California, July 24-26, 2012.
  • 3-8 Institute on Algebra Readiness: Grades 3-8. Atlanta, Georgia, July 31-August 2, 2012.
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