News from the Southern 2 Region
Ted H. Hull, Southern 2 Regional Director
Summer 2012

Summer is here. When I first began my career, nearly 40 years ago, summer vacation was truly a break. Although I often worked part-time for extra pay, my wife and I (both teachers) were able to take an extended vacation - often camping. Summer was a time to relax, rejuvenate, and recover.

Times have certainly changed. Summer is no longer a time for rest and reflection. While there may be a slight change of pace, summers are frequently filled with required activities for teachers and teacher leaders. As reported in medical research, ongoing stress is very unhealthy. Educating young people is stressful.

Across this country, education has had an extremely stressful year. Budget cuts, job cuts, increased workloads, decreased benefits, and increased demands are rampant. Sadly, these problems are not waning.

For these reasons, you must take care of yourselves. As you work to organize your calendar for this summer, be sure to include time for yourself. You need time to rest, recover, and reflect. When you do attend professional learning activities, be sure to breathe. Use these learning opportunities as times to reflect upon your practices. If you feel tension increasing, consciously relax your muscles. Locate, and sit with, fellow educators who exude positive energy.

Education is, without a doubt, one of the noblest and most demanding professions. Your actions have a lasting impression upon the students you serve. In the classroom, you must block out the problems, and focus on students. You must be at your best. So, have a wonderful summer and take time for yourself - you deserve it!

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