News from the Western 1 Region
Mona Toncheff, Western 1 Regional Director
Summer 2012

Congratulations for another successful conference in Philadelphia! The sessions were energizing and full of ideas for implementing the Common Core State Standards, including the NCSM Great Tasks for Mathematics. It was great getting to meet Western Region 1 members at the caucus and I am looking forward to the next three years as your Regional Director. We have some new state team leaders so please welcome the following team leaders: Denise Trakas from Nevada, David Smith from Utah, Jodie Novak from Colorado, Kate Kniss from Wyoming, Gay Lynn Erb from Idaho, Lisa Scott from Montana, Bill Schrandt from New Mexico, Kimberly Rimbey from Arizona, and Samantha Wuttig from Alaska. If you have any questions please contact your team leader (their e-mails are on the right) or you may contact me.

As you are winding down the school year, or if you are like me, are busy planning for the 2012-2013 school year, please take a moment to reflect on your successes from the last school year. What went well? What were some challenges for you, your school or district? Being a reflective leader enables you to replicate the success and plan for action to make gains for the upcoming year. So much of the school year is rushing from one event to another, so enjoy some down time this summer as we gear up for a new school year, new group of students, and new challenges.

When you are planning for upcoming state conferences, do you need a NCSM leader to come speak at your state conference? Please send me an email if you would like information, handouts and NCSM materials for state events. This coming year, the NCSM annual conference will be hosted in our region, Denver, CO, and if you are interested in volunteering at the conference, please let me know. I hope to see as many members from Western 1 Region as possible to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity for personal and professional development.

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