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Laura Godfrey, Central 2 Regional Director
Fall 2012

Welcome back to school. This year's entering Kindergarten Class will graduate from High School in 2025! These students will, most likely, have learned all of their mathematics based on the Common Core State Standards. Will we see a difference between these students and those who graduated this spring 2012?

Some of our states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. Some states use other standards for content and practice. All of our states have the same goals. We want our students to like math and to be mathematically proficient. The eight mathematical practices are vital part of any instruction, no matter where you live. These practices apply to learning K-12. These are the skills and habits that students use when they are truly doing mathematics.

To learn more about what the mathematical practices look and sound like in a classroom, and how to help others learn about the practices, check out Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

You'll find a huge array of information to help you through this important phase of change. NCSM has as its priority "to help mathematics educators interpret and understand the CCSS and to develop and implement comprehensive, coherent instruction, and assessment systems."

Here are some of my other favorite materials:

From the home page, visit the box marked Common Core State Standards. These pages include NCSM developed materials and resources, work undertaken in collaborating with other organizations, and participating in conferences and other initiatives that promote shared understanding of the CCSS. On this site you will also find numerous quick links to other outstanding and supporting mathematics related organizations.

In addition, the Coaching Corner points to key aspects of knowledge that specifically apply to coaches and coaching programs and provides resources to support a specialist, coach or leader in gaining such knowledge. There is information for both Coaches and for Leaders of Coaches.

Laura Godfrey

NCSM is a volunteer organization. NCSM needs you! We rely on volunteers to write articles, review the journal, man the booth at conferences, serve on committees, help develop idea and mold mathematics education. If you would like to be more involved, volunteer! We need you. If you are willing, but are not sure what would be fun, I will help you find a good match! Just send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

"All young Americans must learn to think mathematically, and they must think mathematically to learn." - American Research Council

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