News from the Southern 2 Region
Ted H. Hull, Southern 2 Regional Director
Fall 2012

NCSM is going strong. If you haven't visited the website or checked on the many resources provided, the time to do so is now. Projects and Initiatives from the summer planning session are underway, and each of these tasks are designed specifically to help support members.

I am fortunate to be directly involved in two projects beyond my regular duties as Regional Director. The first project is the Coaching Corner that is up and running. As the year moves forward, additional materials and tools will be added. This project is underway due to the tremendous help and support from the Noyce Foundation, and David Foster.

Another exciting project I am involved with is in creating a CCSS supplement to the PRIME Leadership Document. This project is building from the established foundation within PRIME, but adding specific recommendations related to the Common Core Practices.

If you get the opportunity, there is an NCSM Regional Leadership workshop in Dallas on October the 10. Ruth Harbin Miles, Don Balka, and I are leading the workshop on meeting the rigorous challenge of the new state assessments. I will also be in Alabama on November 2 representing NCSM, and speaking on making student thinking visible.

Please stop by and meet me at either of these events. Have a great year, and don't forget to include NCSM resources.

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