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Winter 2012/2013

NCTM Regional Conferences

Is it spring already? It is hard to believe that the fall NCTM regional conferences have come and gone. Educators attending sessions at the fall regional conferences- Hartford, CO; Chicago, IL; and Dallas, TX- were provided opportunities to jump start this year's conversation around the Focus of the Year topic: Reasoning and Proof: Is it true? Convince me!

Once again the NCSM Fall Leadership Seminars were attended by many educators the day before each NCTM regional conference. This year the NCSM seminars focused on a different topic specifically designed for each region.

  • Dallas, TX-"Meeting the Challenge of Rigorous State Assessments: Overcoming Resistance to Change"
  • Hartford, CT -"Understanding the Myriad of Assessments that Accompany the Implementation of the CCSS for Mathematics"
  • Chicago, IL-"Leadership Tools and Teacher Strategies for Implementing the Common Core State Standards in a Professional Learning Community"

Plan now to attend a NCTM regional conference and NCSM Leadership Seminar next fall. The fall conferences provided the opportunity for you to participate in many great sessions, without the lines and crowds of the Annual conference.

NCTM Consignment Bookstore at the NCSM Annual Meeting

Pack lightly and plan pick up a few of your favorite NCTM titles. The NCTM consignment bookstore will feature many select titles for you to purchase while attending the meeting. Visit the NCTM consignment bookstore Monday or Tuesday in the NCSM exhibit area.

Volunteers Needed for Denver

This is the last call for volunteers. Take a quick minute to email John at to have your name added to the email distribution list of volunteers to work the NCSM booth during the NCTM conference. Join us in the booth Thursday - Saturday as we greet and make new friends and colleagues while sharing information about the many benefits of becoming and NCSM member. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you in Denver.

John W. Staley
NCSM-NCTM Affiliate Representative

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