News from the Southern 1 Region
Wanda Audrict, Southern 1 Regional Director
Winter 2012-2013

Reach out and INVITE someone! Help us build our Southern 1 region's mathematics education leadership community. Currently, I am experiencing medical issues and will be on medical leave for the next several months. However, I am always intrigued by the number of mathematics education leaders who attend regional leadership conferences and the variety of titles that they use - mathematics coaches, district curriculum coordinators, department chairs, elementary mathematics specialists, instructional facilitators, and school administrators. Many of these leaders are members of their grassroots state leaders' organizations. Please know NCSM has initiated an Affiliate Membership Category for mathematics education leaders organizations. NCSM invites state, regional or provincial mathematics leadership organizations that meet specified criteria to become an affiliate of NCSM. The process is simple. Send me an email if you want to complete the process for 2012-2013 or 2013-2014. This new category allows a Council or Association of Mathematics Leaders to apply for membership in NCSM. The president must be a member of NCSM and the affiliate joins as an individual member of NCSM. Those affiliates, that complete the application and are accepted, will be notified in February so that someone who represents your organization can attend the business meeting at the Annual Conference and accept the Charter. We look forward to working with you individually and as a mathematics leadership organization. NCSM Leaders will host an Affiliate organizational meeting at the Annual Conference to help local organizations prepare the application and discuss the development of bylaws and officers.

Southern 1 Region could use your help in making new and experienced mathematics leaders aware of NCSM benefits, resources, and opportunities. As a member of NCSM, you should be very aware that NCSM has newsletters with current mathematics education information for leaders, refereed research journals on mathematics leadership and education, position papers that can be distributed to administrators and mathematics teachers and leaders to support a variety of positions and issues, the PRIME Leadership Framework, conferences, seminars, academies and a website full of timely leadership information. We must work together to increase our leadership knowledge, skills, and capabilities so we can spread our sphere of influence to support and sustain high levels of mathematics achievement for all students.

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