News from the Western 1 Region
Mona Toncheff, Western 1 Regional Director
Winter 2012/2013

The school year is in full swing and it has been an exciting "freshman" year representing the Western Region 1. I had the pleasure of attending two state conferences in the region, the Utah Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Arizona Teachers of Mathematics. I also traveled to the northwest and spent a day with a group of Alaska math teachers. Every teacher I met was eager to learn more about the Common Core standards and share strategies for implementation. As 2015 approaches, the level of collaboration across the nation is at an all-time high.

Upcoming Annual Conferences: Do you have plans to attend the 45th NCSM annual conference this year? The annual conference is in Denver, CO., April 15-17, "Reaching the Peak of Mathematics Leadership." Several sessions are focused on Common Core State Standards and Emerging Leaders. The strand descriptions can be found on the NCSM website. Here is a great opportunity to enlarge your network of resources and tools.

Affiliates: Does your state math association want to be an affiliate with NCSM? NCSM invites state, regional and provincial mathematics leadership organizations that meet the criteria to become an affiliate of NCSM. We hope that you will consider this opportunity to work more closely with NCSM and to gain benefit from the association.

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