News from Central 2 Region
Laura Godfrey, Central 2 Regional Director
Spring 2013

We have crossed over the halfway mark of the 2012-2013 school year. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate your successes and those of all you work with. The education world, in general, is on initiative overload. We are constantly in the position of trying to prioritize demands and meeting the needs of everyone with whom you interact. Now is the time to take a breath and think about meeting your own needs. Together we need to make this whole system work.

The answers are not for you to solve alone. We are an education leadership community! NCSM is here for you. We are continually working to provide you the resources, professional development information, and the tools each of us need to do our jobs. We all do not have to recreate the wheel.

Whether your state has adopted the CCSS-M or if it hasn't, we all have the same goals. We need to have students engaged in common core mathematical practices and engaged in learning high level mathematics. We need access to solid research to guide effective and meaningful instruction.

Remember you are a part of something bigger than you, with a single mission. NCSM is here to help math education leaders. You are not alone. You can share what works for you and you have access to tools and professional development modules that are for you to use to do your jobs with more support and ease.

Stay tuned to your NCSM home page and email to learn about the ever-growing body of coaching tools, PD, and self-assessments and goal setting tools. They are here for you to use and adapt to your own needs.

Be sure to celebrate the end of the year successes, growth, accomplishments, promotions and graduations. Take deep breaths and know you are supported as you work with intense deadlines. This is a great time to take a moment of reflection to measure your successes of the school year and plan for the challenges of wrapping up a school year.

Upcoming Annual Conferences: Do you have plans to attend the 45th NCSM annual conference this year? The annual conference is in Denver, CO., April 15-17, "Reaching the Peak of Mathematics Leadership." This will be an engaging conference with a packed program with fabulous speakers. Here is a great opportunity to enlarge your network of resources and tools.

Leadership Academies: Plans are also underway for the summer Leadership Conferences. Be sure to check the calendar below this message for exact locations and dates. These conferences have been extremely helpful to math leaders as we prepare for implementation of the CCSSM or more rigorous state and local curriculum. These conferences are also fabulous opportunities to network with other math leaders either in your area or via technology to share ideas and bounce questions off each other.

New Leadership Academies Support: At the annual conference many things will be unveiled. You will have access to the draft of the sequel to NCSM's Prime Leadership Framework, a tool for implementation and strategies to evaluate your progress. The Great Tasks books, the PK-5 and the 6-12 books will be available. They include a series of investigations and tasks that integrate the mathematical practices with rich, relevant, and engaging high level math tasks for each grade level. Coaching Corner has added a new link dedicated to providing tools for coaches, math specialists, and other leaders. It provides rubrics, videos, powerpoints, research on coaching programs, and more.

As always, let me know your questions and thoughts!

Good luck on your journey toward summer. I wish you the best.

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