News from the Canada Region
Carol Matsumoto, Canada Regional Director
Spring 2013

I would like to visit math leaders in as many provinces as possible during my three year term. I was invited to Ontario to the Math Leaders Retreat. Unfortunately the retreat was cancelled due to low registration. I hope to attend next year's retreat.

The NCSM Annual Conference in Denver will be happening soon. I hope to see some of you in Denver. Please come to the Canadian caucus meeting at the conference to meet some of your Canadian colleagues and to do some networking. There will be sessions on some of NCSM's projects. If you are unable to go to Denver please also check the NCSM website to see some of the projects on which some of our members have been working. Although some of the material is Common Core based there is also material that we in Canada can use. Check it out!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. Please invite me to one of your meetings.

I have included reports from some of our Canadian leaders.

Alberta Report - submitted by Debbie Duvall

On May 3, 2013 the Math Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association will be holding their Spring Symposium in Red Deer. Dr. McRae will be talking to Alberta teachers and educational leaders on Emerging Technologies in Education: How to Ride a Tsunami. Education systems around the world are in the midst of a period of change unlike any other time over the last 100 years, and technology is being positioned as a major force in this transformation. Phil will highlight some of the forces and directions of this change over the next decade, and open up a discussion around how emerging technologies will likely reshape our math classrooms, students, communities and society.

Dr. McRae has worked in many educational contexts while living and teaching in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates), Asia (Japan), Europe (Spain), the Lethbridge Public School District and on the Blood (Kainai) Reservation in Alberta, Canada. Phil is the past winner of several teaching and educational research awards, and represents the profession of teaching as a Director on many provincial and national boards.

For more information please go to

B. C. Report - submitted by Marc Garneau

The British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers (BCAMT) hosted its New Teachers Conference in Surrey, BC on February 16, 2013. Close to 50 student teachers and new-ish teachers left the day inspired and enthused after a Keynote by Peter Liljedahl, "Teaching and Studenting: Observations from the Back of the Classroom", as well as insightful and practical workshops for all grade levels.

Manitoba Report

David McKillop will be coming to Winnipeg to do two workshops on Mental Math and Computational Strategies. The K-4 session will be held on April 8 while the Grades 5-8 session will be held on April 9.

The Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers (MAMT) will be sponsoring workshops by Debbie Diller on August 28 (K-3) and August 29 (Grades 4-6). Debbie Diller is the writer of the book Math Work Stations.

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