News from the Western 1 Region
Mona Toncheff, Western 1 Regional Director
Spring 2013

The school year is officially half-way over. Most schools are on the sprint to Spring break (I know my children are). So much of what educators do between now and the end of the school year is similar to running the marathon with state assessments, end of the year celebrations, promotions and graduations, and intense deadlines. This is a great time to take a moment of reflection to measure your successes of the school year and plan for the challenges of wrapping up a school year.

Upcoming Annual Conferences: Do you have plans to attend the 45th NCSM annual conference this year? The annual conference is in Denver, CO., April 15-17, "Reaching the Peak of Mathematics Leadership." This will be an engaging conference with a packed program with fabulous speakers. Here is a great opportunity to enlarge your network of resources and tools.

Leadership Academies: Plans are also underway for the summer Leadership Conferences. Be sure to check the calendar below this message for exact locations and dates. These conferences have been extremely helpful to math leaders as we prepare for implementation of the CCSSM or more rigorous state and local curriculum. These conferences are also fabulous opportunities to network with other math leaders either in your area or via technology to share ideas and bounce questions off each other.

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