News from the Central 1 Region
Gwen Zimmermann, Central 1 Regional Director
Summer 2013

Since returning from Denver, I have used the time to organize and disseminate all the useful information gathered from the Caucus. Many of the 50+ attendees from the regional caucus generously indicated interest in becoming more involved with NCSM.

The Central Region Team Leaders solidified their goals and action steps for the upcoming year. Through multiple opportunities to publicize and communicate the great resources NCSM has to offer, our goal is to increase membership.

One of the most active mathematics education states is currently without a team leader. I have sent some emails to solicit a team leader for Ohio.

In June, I will be joining NCSM Board member Eric Milou in Los Angeles to work with a couple of teachers to develop NCSM resources around the "Three Act Math Tasks" created by Dan Meyer.

We continue to make progress on "It's TIME," the much-anticipated sequel/companion publication to "PRIME." In the current revision we have incorporated reviewer and public feedback and have begun to collect resources to support each chapter.

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