News from the Western 2 Region
Hope Bjerke, Western 2 Regional Director
Summer 2013

Greetings from Northern California

I hope you are soon to be enjoying your summer break. I am looking forward to some time off and several opportunities to travel to other parts of our region. Right now, I am working with my colleagues to plan the content week we will have for our grant participants during the first week in August.

I had a wonderful time in Denver, despite the shocking winter weather and the two-day trip getting back home to sunny California. We had a great conference and our Western 2 Regional Caucus on Tuesday afternoon was a very positive event. It was very nice to see so many of you at our meeting and I hope you got some good ideas about how the rest of the West is implementing the Common core.

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, there are some exciting events coming up soon in the Western 2 Region. On July 23-25, NCSM is bringing a new Leadership Academy to the Los Angeles area in Southern California. The focus will be on Formative Assessment and Phil Daro, one of the authors of the Common Core State Standards, will be the keynote speaker. I will be there also to help in any way I can. The Academy is being held at the Courtyard by Marriott in Monrovia, CA, at 700 W. Huntington Drive. You can still register online at

Then the Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics is having their annual Oregon Math Leaders conference in McMinnville, OR, on August 4 - 6. I am going to that also and looking forward to staying in the dorms with the other Oregon math leaders and chatting all night long. You can go online to Oregon Council of Teachers of Math and register yourself as a math leader so you can attend.

And on September 5 - 7, Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics (TOTOM) is having their annual meeting in BEND, Oregon. Yes, you heard me correctly - we get to go to BEND for a math meeting. Isn't that something! My colleague from Shasta College is going with me so we can share about the work we are doing with math teachers in northern California. We will be doing some sight-seeing and relaxing for sure.

We also have several other events in the fall that you better get on your calendars now. The Northwest Mathematics Conference is on October 10 - 12, in Belleview, WA, at the Hyatt Regency. There is an NCSM Leadership Seminar in Las Vegas on October 23 preceding the NCTM Regional Conference. The Mt Lassen Mathematics Conference is in Redding on October 26. Dan Meyer is our keynote speaker and he is doing a special technology workshop for participants who pre-register in time and bring their own iPads. Then the California Mathematics Council-South is having their annual conference in Palm Springs on November 1- 2 and California Mathematics Council - North is hosting their conference at Asilomar on December 6 - 8. We are so fortunate to live in an area with such top-notch opportunities for growth and learning. I hope you can attend some of these events and If you do, I'll get to see you again.

Have a fabulous summer.

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