News from the Central 1 Region
Gwen Zimmermann, Central 1 Regional Director
Spring 2014

What a winter! It's probably just as well not much happens during those months between December and March as this winter kept us pretty much inside and missing days of school when the temperature were frigid or the snow piled too high.

My usual reminder that if there are events that are missing from the NCSM C1 calendar that you feel our members or visitors to our website might be interested in, please contact your respective team leader or me:

  • Illinois: Edna Bazik () and Fern Tribbey ()
  • Indiana: Jolee Garis ()
  • Kentucky: Amy Herman ()
  • Michigan: Gerri Devine () and Dana Gosen ()
  • Ohio: Greta S. Robinson ()

I am sure that many of you, like me, are looking forward to the Annual Conference in New Orleans April 7-9. Remember to be sure to come to the Central 1 Caucus meeting on Tuesday, April 8th, at 3:45 in the Oak Alley room. Last year we had a great attendance, shared ideas, and used this opportunity to get more of our members involved with NCSM. Snacks will be served and door prizes will be awarded.

In other news, hopefully you are taking advantage of NCSM's online resources. Below are a couple resources, in particular:

Coming up on March 26, I will be taking part in an NCSM webinar introducing a new NCSM resource. I have had the opportunity to work with Eric Milou, Regional Director for E2, who has headed up a project with Dan Meyer, Andrew Stadel, and Robert Kaplinsky to create teacher-friendly, classroom-ready PowerPoint presentations around 3-Act Video Tasks. Watch the NCSM website for details about how to sign up or access the webinar at your convenience after March 26th. (Details of this webinar, upcoming webinars, and past webinars)

Speaking of Dan Meyer, Illinois is firming up the program for our annual conference where Dan is a featured speaker. This year's conference will be held in the Chicago suburbs making for easy access.

Keep in mind that if you are planning for an upcoming state conference, let me know if you need an NCSM leader to come speak or if you would like NCSM information and handouts for your district. It's not too early to begin planning for 2014-2015 school year.

I look forward to seeing many of you in New Orleans!

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