News from the Eastern 2 Region
Eric Milou, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Spring 2014

As the 2013-14 inches closer to spring (thankfully), all of us at NCSM are preparing for the NCSM annual meeting in New Orleans. Check out the online planner, the conference preview, and registration.

I hope to see many of you from the Eastern 2 Region there.

Keep a look out at the NCSM website (members only section) for a project entitled Great Modeling Tasks in Three Acts that I chaired with Dan Meyer, Andrew Stadel, Robert Kaplinsky, and Gwen Zimmerman. Building on the amazing work of Dan Meyer and fellow committee members, the project has produced powerpoint lessons with embedded three act video tasks from Meyer, Stadel, and Kaplinsky. The lessons should be available in late March 2014.

Also at the NCSM website, you can find many resources by clicking "CCSS" link. One of my favorites is "Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice". Other powerful resources include Inside Mathematics at and the Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP).

You might also check out and purchase other great NCSM resources.

State events being held in our region are listed in the calendar section of this page. If you don't see your event listed, please just contact me () and I will get it listed for you.

Finally, please reach out to your colleagues and INVITE them to join NCSM. Help us build our mathematics education leadership community.

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