News from the Southern 1 Region
Wanda Audrict, Southern 1 Regional Director
Spring 2014

Spring is here, and many of us are looking forward to warm sunny weather. We are also looking forward to our 46th NCSM Annual Conference. NCSM has been extremely busy finalizing efforts for the Annual Conference being held April 7 through 9 in New Orleans, LA. There is an amazing slate of speakers, session presenters, breakfasts, luncheons, bookstore of resources, etc. to engage every mathematics leader in attendance. I hope you have already made your plans and will be attending. As always, the NCSM Annual Conference is combined with the opportunity to meet new friends and visit with colleagues.

NCSM is a volunteer organization. NCSM needs you! We rely on volunteers to write articles, review the journal, man the booth at conferences, serve on committees, help develop ideas and mold mathematics education. If you would like to be more involved, volunteer! If you are willing, but are not sure what would be fun, I will help you find a good match! Just send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

During the last few months in addition to my work on the Finance Committee and the Formative Assessment initiative, I have been working with and supporting members with implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Many have been using NCSM's Great Tasks to support their implementation of CCSS.

Great Tasks is a collection of tasks to support implementation of the CCSS. Each task includes:

  • Teacher Notes that provide an overview of the task, the Common Core State Standards Content and Practices standards that the task requires
  • Activity Launch that addresses key prerequisite understandings and assesses student readiness for the task
  • Core Task with which students are expected, individually and collaboratively, to wrestle
  • Extension Activities

I have truly enjoyed this work. It has been productive and very engaging. Be sure to check out these resources during the conference. I would also love to meet and work with you. During the 46th NCSM Annual Conference please plan to attend our Southern 1 Caucus.

See you in New Orleans!!!

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