News from the Canada Region
Carol Matsumoto, Canada Regional Director
Summer 2014

Thank you to all of you who attended the New Orleans Conference, particularly the Canadian caucus. There were fifty-one (thirty-nine last year) Canadian registrants who attended the NCSM New Orleans Conference and twenty of them (sixteen last year) attended the Canadian caucus. The numbers are certainly increasing compared to 2012 where there were about five registrants who attended the caucus meeting.

Prior to this caucus I had emailed the NCSM provincial team leaders and also talked with them at the leaders meeting about topics. The topics suggested were positive media, curricular changes and increasing membership.

There was a lot of discussion about why it was difficult to get positive media and how leaders have tried to get it. We also discussed electronic memberships and nominations needed for the Canadian regional director position.

This May Cheryl Cantin from Quebec and I attended the Mathematics Assessment Project Conference in Michigan. The project is funded by the Gates Foundation. Each NCSM regional director and a regional team leader had the opportunity to attend the conference. We had a stimulating few days which certainly gave us food for thought.

I hope to be travelling to meet leaders in Nova Scotia and British Columbia in the fall. I hope you have a great summer!

We're all doing great things in Canada and the regional team leaders and I discussed how we could let others know of Canadian best practices.

Cheryl Cantin, the NCSM Quebec provincial team leader volunteered to do the first report. The best practice in Quebec she has chosen to highlight is problem solving.

See the report with examples: Spotlight on the Québec Mathematics Education Program

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