News from the Western 2 Region
Nancy Drickey, Western 2 Regional Director
Summer 2014

I would like to thank Hope Bjerke for her service as regional director for the past three years. Hope did an incredible job keeping NCSM members informed about events in our area. She attended many events and worked diligently to encourage all to join NCSM or renew their membership. The more I learn of my responsibilities, the more I appreciate Hope!

We had a terrific conference in New Orleans this spring and Western 2 had the largest attendance of all of the regional caucuses. Thanks to all who attended. And thanks to our great state team leaders: Sandy Christie (Washington), Patty Sandoz and Mark Freed (Oregon), Mel Olson (Hawaii), Hope Bjerke (Northern California), Christine Roberts (Central California), Diane Kinch, Annette Kitagawa and Lisa Usher-Staats (Southern California). If you have questions for our team leaders, they are listed on the website along with their email addresses.

Are you looking for a great professional development opportunity this summer? Consider attending the NCSM Summer Leadership Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas, June 30-July 2. The focus this summer is on expanding and deepening participants' knowledge about the role of formative assessment in instruction, implementation of the CCSS, and as a means to powerfully impact results on next generation summative assessments.

Other events in our region are listed in the events calendar. If you know of an upcoming event that is not listed in our events calendar, please contact me at

As the school year ends, I hope we can take time to reflect on our practice and set goals for next year. What worked? What didn't? Why? What progress have we made? What do we want to do differently next time? What are our new goals? After some thoughtful reflection, it is my hope that we will find time to relax, refresh, rejuvenate, and recharge our batteries. For me, I look forward to taking a vacation, spending more time with family and friends, settling in to my new house, and catching up on my professional and leisure reading.

Happy Summer!

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