News from the Canada Region
Carol Matsumoto, Canada Regional Director
Fall 2014

I hope that everyone had a relaxing summer and a relatively easy transition to the beginning of the school year.

In July the NCSM Board met in Ann Arbor and as always worked very hard on several projects. Please continue to check the website for updates.

In Canada the anti-spam legislation came into effect so if you have not let the NCSM office know that you want to continue to receive email you will not receive any emails at all including notices of conferences, housing, new products, and elections. Just for your information as of the August Membership report there are sixty-six Canadian members which is an increase from last year.

If you are going to any of this fall's NCTM regionals please consider going a day early to attend one of NCSM's fall seminars. Please check the website for further information including deadlines.


October 29 Indianapolis, IN
November 12 Richmond, VA
November 19 Houston, TX

The morning keynote will focus on Imperatives for Systemic Change, using It's TIME as a framework. The morning breakout will be divided into two sessions, one elementary and one secondary, and will focus on Imperatives for Instruction.

The afternoon keynote will focus on Imperatives for Knowledge in Teaching. The afternoon breakouts will be on Imperatives for Assessment and Preparing for the Next Generation of Assessment.

Fall is a busy time in many of the provinces. Please check for the dates of provincial conferences on the NCSM website.

This will be my final year on the board. I hope to be going to BC and Nova Scotia this year.

The Canadian provincial leaders will continue to highlight best practices in their provinces. Cheryl Cantin's report on problem solving in Quebec was attached to my summer report. Alberta's best practice report by Debbie Duvall and Marj Farris'report is attached to my fall report.

See the report with examples: Using Games to Improve Basic Fact Competency

Please email me with best practices in your province.

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