News from the Eastern 2 Region
Bill Barnes, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Fall 2014

Reflections: Each fall, a new crop of students (youth or adult) walk through classroom doors eager or anxious about their upcoming mathematics experience. The impressions made during those precious first days of class shape the student's mindset and influence their confidence in the upcoming year/term. As a leader in mathematics education, take some time to remind those who look to you for leadership that we are in the business of inspiring a love of mathematics. This is much more likely to happen if students feel a sense of hope, engagement, and well being. Remind educators to carefully consider their words and actions in the first month of school because those impressions make a big difference. I interviewed a 10th grade student last year who said, "I can tell, really tell, if a teacher cares about me in the first 15 minutes of the school year. If I can see that the teacher genuinely cares about me as a person, I will work hard and probably easily pass that class. If not, I'm like, WHY BOTHER? Every class I've earned a D or E in while in high school has been from a teacher who, I could tell, didn't care about me one bit." Make sure your students know you care! Have a wonderful start to the school year!

NCSM Fall Leadership Seminars: The 2014 NCSM Fall Leadership Seminars will focus on expanding and deepening participants' knowledge about the role of formative assessment in instruction, implementation of the CCSS, and as a means to powerfully impact results on next generation summative assessments. There are three seminars hosted this fall.

"It's TIME: Using Imperatives to Support and Motivate Leaders in Mathematics Education"

For All Mathematics Teachers and Leaders!

Indianapolis, IN
October 29, 2014
Richmond, VA
November 12, 2014
Houston, TX
November 19, 2014

Upcoming State Conferences and Events: Tis the season of state and regional mathematics conferences. Please share the dates, locations, and other promotional information about your upcoming events to me and I will post them on our regional calendar.

Eastern 2 Regional Team Leaders: We are fortunate to have an inspirational and talented group of leaders who have stepped forward to represent each state and district in our region. If you have thoughts or ideas, or would like to become involved with the NCSM, please reach out to your state team leader. (or email me directly). A very special thanks to those listed below. Also, a very special thanks to the other leaders in each state that agreed to serve on a statewide leadership team.

  • Delaware: Renee Parsley () and Jamilla Riser ()
  • Maryland: Ed Nolan () and Sue Vohrer ()
  • New Jersey: Jill Perry () and Dianna Sopala ()
  • Pennsylvania: Jane Wilburne ()
  • Washington DC: John Neral ()
  • West Virginia: If you are interested in representing WVA, please email Bill directly

Stay in Touch:

  • Please keep in mind that if you are planning for an upcoming state conference, let me know if you need an NCSM leader to come speak or if you would like NCSM information and handouts for your district. I look forward to learning of your great works in the coming school year.
  • Please send me dates and information related to events in our region. I am happy to promote these events on our regional calendar.
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