News from the Western 2 Region
Nancy Drickey, Western 2 Regional Director
Fall 2014

Welcome back to school! I love the start of a new school year and the excitement felt by the students, teachers, parents and administrators. I hope you were able to recharge your batteries this summer so you can forge full speed ahead into fall.

Fall is a perfect time for teachers and leaders to participate in professional development. We have some exciting opportunities in our region. Have you made plans to attend a fall conference? Here are some great opportunities in our region:

September 4-6 is the TOTOM (Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual Conference in Monmouth, Oregon on the campus of Western Oregon University. For details, contact Matt Ciancetta at or go to

October 9-11 is the Northwest Math 53rd Annual Conference "Reaching the Pinnacle in Mathematics" in Portland, Oregon. They are sponsored by the math teachers' councils of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, and have over 140 sessions including keynotes by Jo Boaler, Dan Meyer, and Irv Lubliner. For details, go to

October 23-25 is the CMC-South 54th Annual Conference "Common Core Mathematics: Building Competent and Confident Problem Solvers" will be held in Palm Springs, CA. They have over 280 sessions including many featured speakers such as Cathy Seeley, Dan Meyer, Gail Burril, Karim Ani, Marcy Cook, and Kim Sutton. For details, go to and click on conferences.

December 5-7 is the CMC-North Annual Conference "Discovering the Beauty of Mathematics" will be held at Asilomar near Monterey, CA. For details, go to and click on conferences.

There are also three NCSM 2014 Fall Leadership Conferences focused on the new NCSM publication "It's TIME: Using Imperatives to Support and Motivate Leaders in Mathematics Education". You may want to consider going to Indianapolis, Indiana (October 29), or Richmond, Virginia (November 12), or Houston, Texas (November 19).

I hope to see you at one of these conferences!

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