News from the Canada Region
Carol Matsumoto, Canada Regional Director
Winter 2014/2015

Fall, as usual, has been a busy time in Canada. There have been conferences in many of the provinces. Here in Manitoba I was in charge of the provincial conference. We had over 800 registrants participating in the daylong conference held on October 24th. BC and Nova Scotia had their provincial conferences on the same day while Alberta had its conference the week before.

On October 4th I had a conference call with those NCSM provincial leaders who were able to participate. We discussed items including submitting a nomination of a Canadian for the Ross Taylor/ Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award, reminders for the Iris Carl Travel Grants, voting in the elections and the Canadian anti-spam legislation. There are still about 15 NCSM Canadian members who still have to reply to the NCSM anti-spam legislation email. If you're one of those who have not replied please do so. It is important that you be kept informed of NCSM's events and the updates of leadership resources.

I'd also like to give a special thank you to Cheryl Cantin for showing a bit of information that she and I received at the MAP Conference in May. She went over some of the information on the web page during our telephone conference call.

I will be going to Nova Scotia for a meeting on January 20 and to BC in February.

I'm also planning our Canadian caucus discussion items. Please send in discussion items and come to the Canadian caucus. It's the only scheduled time for you to sit down and talk with your Canadian colleagues.

I attended the October NCSM Board meeting in Phoenix from October 17-19. We discussed many items including the Annual Conference in Boston which will be held in the convention centre. A suggestion for a position paper on discourse in the mathematics classroom was brought forward after a request from Cheryl Cantin, NCSM Quebec provincial leader. It will be further investigated. Please let me know any other requests for other position papers.

I hope that you had a chance to read the last newsletter which had a lot of Canadian content. There was a spotlight on Peter Saarimaki, NCSM Ontario provincial leader and also the regional report that I submitted was written by Cheryl Cantin. She had written the Spotlight on the Quebec Mathematics Education Program attachment for the Canadian Summer 2014 website report. I thought it should be included in the NCSM newsletter for everyone to read.

As of this date I do not know who the next regional director for Canada will be. My term as the regional director for Canada will end at the end of the Boston meeting in April. I have been asked to stay on the board for another two years in another role.

The Spotlight on Mathematics and Education in Ontario report by Peter Saarimaki is attached to my winter report. B.C.'s report by Marc Garneau, NCSM B.C. provincial leader, will be attached to my last report, spring 2015.

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