News from the Western 1 Region
Mona Toncheff, Western 1 Regional Director
Spring 2015

As I sit to write my last report as Regional Director, I realize that "time does fly" when you are having a good time! The last three years have been an incredible experience representing the math leaders across our vast region. Meeting leaders throughout the region has been the highlight of the job and we are all working diligently to support teaching and learning of mathematics. I am grateful for this experience and the relationships I have developed with the Western Region 1 members and state team leaders.

This year, most states are also preparing for the paradigm shift with state assessments. The traditional method of "I choose C" is a thing of the past. Some students will interact with assessment items online with drag and drop features, sliders, select-all that apply items, and explanations and justifications will be required. Assessment leadership is important as we gear up for this transition. The PRIME Leadership framework, specifically the Assessment Leadership Principle provides guidance and a vision for high quality assessment practices.

Upcoming Annual Conferences: Do you have plans to attend the 47th NCSM annual conference this year? The annual conference is in Boston, MA. April 13-15, "Shining the light on Learning: A Vision for Mathematics Leaders". Sessions are packed with strategies for effective teaching, assessing and learning rich mathematics and the strand descriptions can be found on the NCSM website. Here is a great opportunity to enlarge your network of resources and tools.

Leadership Academies: Plans are also underway for the summer Leadership Conferences. Be sure to check the calendar below this message for exact locations and dates. These conferences have been extremely helpful to math leaders as we implement rigorous curriculum with the demands of the instruction and assessment shifts. These conferences are also fabulous opportunities to network with other math leaders either in your area or via technology to share ideas and bounce questions off each other.

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