News from the Western 2 Region
Nancy Drickey, Western 2 Regional Director
Spring 2015

I have enjoyed my first year as Western 2 Regional Director. One of the best parts of being a regional director is meeting many of you at your state conferences. This academic year, I was fortunate to attend four excellent conferences: Teachers of Teachers of Math Annual Conference (Monmouth, OR); Northwest Math Annual Conference (Portland, OR); California Math Council North Annual Conference (Pacific Grove, CA); and Hawaii Council of Teachers of Math Spring Conference (Oahu, HA). Please let me know if you have an upcoming conference in your area and would like me to come set up an NCSM booth or speak about NCSM resources for math leaders.

Upcoming Annual Conference: Do you have plans to attend the 47th NCSM Annual Conference? The conference this year is in Boston, Massachusetts April 13-15, and the theme is, "Shining the Light on Learning: A Vision for Mathematics Leaders." I look forward to another engaging conference with fabulous speakers and a chance to network with colleagues as we focus on important issues for leaders in mathematics education. I hope to see you there.

Western 2 Regional Caucus: In Boston, please plan to join your NCSM colleagues from California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii at our regional caucus on Tuesday April 14 from 3:30-4:15 p.m. in room 153A at the Boston Convention Center. This is an opportunity for you to connect, network, and celebrate regional success with fellow leaders; and for me to share information on NCSM initiatives, national issues, and future events. If you can't go to Boston, watch for an email from me after the conference with an NCSM update.

NCSM Membership: Please reach out to your colleagues and invite them to join NCSM. Help us build our mathematics education leadership community. Also, don't forget to renew your membership. As it says on the NCSM website, "When you become an NCSM member, you join a network of leaders in mathematics education from around the United States, Canada, and abroad, which works to ensure every student in every classroom has access to effective mathematics teachers, relevant curricula, culturally responsive pedagogy, and current technology."

Happy Spring! I hope you have a great rest of your school year.

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