In my Spring 2015 News Letter article, Becoming an "Influencer" for Mathematics Education, I shared two goals I hoped to accomplish during my term as NCSM president. The first involved shifting the conversation from an emphasis on "standards and assessments" to making mathematics meaningful, relevant, and accessible for each and every student. The second goal related to growing and supporting mathematics education leaders at all levels. I also provided a preview of initiatives that the NCSM Board would continue during the next two years and that I would provide additional information in the Fall newsletter.

NCSM Summer Strategic Planning Meeting

During the summer meeting Board members worked for two days to review, revise, and update initiatives and projects after taking a deep look at the following three questions:

  • Where are we in our "Pursuit for a Vision of Equity"… and Social Justice?
  • Where are we in supporting and engaging our membership?
  • Why NCSM?

    During this part of the discussion we considered several key questions, as we strive to provide the best service, support, and benefits to our membership. I ask that you take a few minutes to join the conversation and submit your response to the following question: "How is NCSM different from other organizations?"

The Board also spent time analyzing input received from members who attended the spring caucuses held at the annual conference in Boston, MA. See the Summary of the Synthesis of Information from the caucus sessions where members shared Effective Strategies, Questions, Challenges, and Professional Development needs related to the following six topics.

Caucus Conversations: Engaging Leaders

  • Social Justice
  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Productive Culture
  • Shift in Mindsets and Beliefs
  • Systemic Thoughts and Actions

The following NCSM 2015-2017 Initiatives and Projects and their respective goals are listed. Note that additional initiatives/projects are still being considered and will be shared with the membership at a later date.

Summary of NCSM
2015-2017 Strategic Plans

Overview of structure

  • Goals
    • Key Action
    • Membership Engagement Opportunities

Regional Directors Plan

  • Create Regional Director Leadership Team to increase RD effectiveness resulting in membership satisfaction
  • Increase new membership by 5% and retain current membership (2495) with benchmark assessment on July 1, 2015.
    • Increase RD presence at State Conferences
    • Recruit and organize volunteers (State Leaders) to promote NCSM while volunteering at tables or booths at conferences that RDs are unable to attend.

Initiative 1: Membership and Marketing

Project 1- Members

  • Recruit and diversify the membership.
    • Continue conference presence
    • Purposeful recruitment underrepresented groups
    • Investigate an emerging leader membership option
    • Retain and support NCSM members
    • RD connection and communication
    • Investigate Multi year discount option
    • Investigate joint membership with NCTM

Project 2 - Affiliates

  • Maintain and grow the number of NCSM affiliates and strengthen relationships with affiliates.
    • Expand communication
    • Identify and develop added benefits

Project 3 - Volunteers

  • Increase membership involvement with NCSM through volunteer opportunities.
    • Recruit, Organize and maintain database of volunteers.
    • Infuse opportunities for equity
    • Provide recognition and appreciation for volunteers.
    • Continue T-Shirts, thank you notes
    • Conference Reception

Initiative 2: Formative Assessment

  • NCSM will convene conversations that highlight, promote, and educate mathematics education leaders about the opportunities to connect Formative Assessment (FA) with the daily stream of planning and instruction.
    • Write a book summarizing FA ideas connected to familiar frameworks.
    • Develop additional Jump Start modules.
    • Participate in MAPS development of a tool to help math educators analyze student work & thinking in furtherance of formative assessment of critical concepts in secondary mathematics.
    • Partner with AMTE on Formative Assessment.
    • Build a Formative Assessment webpage to collect all of the FA products. Link the new page to the It's TIME framework.
    • Promote and include FA strands and sessions in Leadership Academies, Seminars, and Annual Conferences

Initiative 3: Leadership Resources

Project 1 - Coaching Outreach

  • Provide outreach to Coaches and Leaders-of-Coaches with resources, support, and communication by April 2017.
    • Annual Conference kick-off and identifiers
    • Coaching Corner interview videos, resource updates and links
    • Communication in newsletters and on social media
    • Explore interactive component of Coaching Corner
    • Gather input from coach members via workgroups

Project 2 - It's Time

  • Activate the vision of It's Time by providing additional content to the leadership resources website. We will engage membership in new content creation by April 2016.
    • Pilot at least one NCSM (EdCamp) Leadership Exchange during the 2015-2016 school year
    • Participate in a network of current and prospective members
    • Collaboratively share and/or develop leadership resources to activate It's Time

Project #3 - Modeling Three Act Tasks

  • Provide members with exemplary models to support equal access to meaningful mathematics through low-floor, high-ceiling tasks
    • Extend task to primary (April 2015
    • Identify other Modeling with 3-Act Tasks resources and request permission to link to these sites. Post the links (August 2015)
    • Create a rubric for evaluating 3-Act Tasks and post to NCSM webpage (April 2016)
    • Recruit members to speak about first-hand experiences at the conference
    • Maybe a strand of Three-Act Task implementation at the conference

Project #4 - Primed Principal Blog

  • Publish a monthly blog supporting school principals in their effort to lead through It's Time
    • Recruit authors representing all NCSM regions and representing membership
    • Edit and post blogs
    • Member author PRIMED Principal Blog

Project #5 - Webinar Series

  • Establish and promote the 2015-2016 webinar series.

Project #6 - Fall Leadership Seminars 2015

  • Produce and provide Fall Seminars on creating a mathematics growth mindset connected to the supportive conditions of the leadership framework from It's TIME and as a follow-up to the 2015 Summer Leadership Academy.
    • Contact Jo Boaler for Keynote
    • Develop an agenda
    • Connect to the Summer Leadership Academy

Project #6 & #7 - Summer Leadership Academy & Fall Seminars 2016

  • Work with the Leadership Resource committee to create a clear and concise vision for the Summer Leadership Academy and the Fall Seminars.
    • Meet with Leadership Resources committee at October meeting
    • Write a vision statement and goals
    • Ideas to discuss
      • PD for Administers
      • PD for Social Justice and Equity for SPED, Gifted, Title, etc.
      • PD for Instructional Math Coaches

Initiative 4: Communications

  • Keep membership informed on all aspects of NCSM and current issues in math education
    • Improve balance and timing of all communication
    • Maintain regular contact with members through a variety of mediums
    • Present a consistent message and format for all communication to members
    • Establish master calendar of all publication dates
    • Communicate with Marketing and Membership to support and align efforts
    • Establish scheduled meetings of Communications Committee outside of face-to-face meetings
      • Make decisions on role and frequency of eNews & eBlasts, and how this publication supports/interfaces with other NCSM publications (completed)
      • Generate templates that support alignment of communications
      • Develop Social Justice strand in Newsletter
      • Complete Social Justice Position Paper

Initiative 5: Digital Initiative

  • Related to the teaching, learning, leading, and assessment of mathematics in a technology rich environment (Identify and prioritize existing challenges; Initiate and support new opportunities)
    • Develop PD package to support the White Paper
    • Develop Resources to support the evaluation of digital tools and technology practices
    • Engage with members through online resources, and collaboration tools (eg: webinars)
    • Engage with key stakeholders through conference sessions and partnership opportunities.
    • Explore promotion of the Iris Project
    • Explore resources to support the Hot Topics
    • Explore partnerships with key stakeholders
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